Steamworks 2017

Game Specifics

The robots from each alliance face off in a race to prepare their airships for liftoff! The teams have only a few minutes to get fuel into the upper and lower boilers, retrieve and deliver gears to the pilots, and finally climb aboard the airship for takeoff. For the best results, each of the robots on the alliance must work together to complete all of the tasks.

Our Robot

From start to finish, this robot has been a constant innovation. At our first district event, we came out with a speedy 2-gear robot. As it turns out, this 2-gear transmission would be the only part of the original robot that remained after the many revisions between our matches in districts, states, and eventually worlds. It performed well and could carry out most of the challenges that this year's game offered.

The Robots

Every Robot featured on this website was originally designed and manufactured by the Northville Robostangs.