kindling the imagination of our future

Every summer, The Robostangs arrange Robocamp striving to educate over 200 interested students in Northville and surrounding areas. Guided by experienced team members, young students are able to learn techniques and information that can be used to sharpen their skills in robotics. Many students go on to join Jr. FLL and FLL teams the upcoming school year and are able to showcase their newly learned abilities. Robocamp not only inspires kids to take part in robotics teams, but it allows current members to educate the Robostang leaders of the future.

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showcasing our youth's talent

Jr. FLL teams work all season long to prepare their Lego models that correspond with the years unique team. The Robostangs coordinate and host the Jr. FLL Expo which is a showcase for all the teams hard work and serves as a platform where teams can interact with each other and see how they thought of different solutions to the same problem. They present their projects to judges and gain experience on how to communicate their ideas effectively. At the end, all of the team's efforts are celebrated and rewarded, further encouraging the kids to participate in FIRST Robotics as they get older.

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exhibiting our vision for all

Extending their reach outside of the team, the Robostangs participate in events that strengthen their connections with the surrounding community. The Robostangs educate interested people on what actions they are taking as a team, provide demonstrations on select robots, and stress the importance of STEM and increased participation in STEM related activities. These local events allow the Robostangs to include new people in their journey to a successful season.

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spreading our holiday cheer

The light parade, a valued Northville tradition for more than 20 years, consists of entire community gathering downtown in Town Square awaiting the official commencement of the holiday season. Local students, performers, business owners, and members of the Northville High School marching band walk downtown engaging the crowd in a holiday themed parade showcasing hand-made floats. As they walk enthusiastically downtown, they spread holiday cheer building up excitement for the most awaited event of the night, the illumination of the Christmas tree in Town Square. This action not only marks the beginning of a new holiday season, but creates a platform where the community can celebrate as one.

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