Segment of the Chairman's Essay 2017

Over the past fifteen years, the FRC Robostangs of Northville High School have dedicated themselves to serving the community by fostering STEM education and building strong generations of FIRST programs.
Our vision, “Through the use of STEM and FIRST, the Robostangs will reach out to the community to create generations of leaders and innovators in science and technology,” encompasses the values of FIRST and of being a Robostang. In order to strive towards that vision, we created 4 core missions that serve as guiding principles for our team and initiatives.
Our first mission focuses on outreach; “We will make it loud by enhancing our STEM and FIRST related community service events.” We aspire to create excitement and participation in STEM. To achieve this, the Robostangs engage in numerous events in our community and beyond. As the 2015 Michigan State Champion alliance, we were invited by Consumer Energy to attend the Mackinac Policy Conference. At this high visibility event, the Robostangs, along with Bedford Express and Traverse City Raptors, had the opportunity to share their experiences in FIRST with business, political, and community leaders. We also had the great honor of speaking personally with Dean Kamen, Governor Snyder, and Senator Stabenow, all of whom took great interest in our team. Additionally, for the last two years, we have been invited by Siemens to the Manufacturing in America Symposium, where we met with various technology companies and showcased our robot. The Robostangs gained statewide exposure through an appearance on FOX 2 News where we demonstrated our robot, discussed its design, and the FIRST programs we offer. In 2015, Governor Snyder invited the Robostangs to represent FIRST in Michigan along with the Killer Bees and Team Rush at the International Auto Show. It was an incredible experience where we displayed our robot to thousands of people and promoted STEM engagement and the great benefits of participating in FIRST programs.

Outreach Events