Light Parade 2017

On Friday, November 17, the Northville Robostangs participated in the annual Northville Holiday Lighted Parade, a holiday tradition that culminates with the illumination of the Christmas tree in the town square. With this year's theme being “Island of Misfit Toys,” everyone in the community gathered in downtown Northville to witness floats, students, and performers spread holiday cheer. The Robostangs caught the attention of the crowd with a robot that lit up the night. The electrical team created a float that featured the team number, 548, in bright orange lights that reinforced the team image. The team handed out candy to the kids and encouraged them to chant “548” as they marched  downtown catching the attention of the entire crowd.

One particular Robostang who had a large role in passing out candy, Business Captain Tanai Gupta, explained: “I am candy Oprah. The kids faces lighted my mood on that cold day. It made me feel warm.”

While passing out candy, the Robostangs also distributed save-the-date flyers promoting the upcoming Jr. FLL community event to encourage new people to attend and see how the Robostangs supports robotics at the elementary school level. The kids were especially excited when Darwin, the team mascot, made his appearance and added to the playfulness of the event. The Robostangs felt the excitement of the crowd and had fun kicking off the holiday season with  the community.