GM Workshops: College Readiness and Writing

The GM Latino Network visited the Robostangs shop on Tuesday, October 10, to educate students about resume writing and the importance of preparing for the future. The panel of engineer mentors taught students the basics of creating a resume and how including the right information can help secure a job. They also reminded students that planning for their future is important, even if nothing is set in stone.

The engineers dove into their presentation on resume writing by explaining each section of the resume and providing tips to make sure that students had a complete understanding of what to include. After the students had a mental picture of what a successful resume looks like, they got an opportunity to create their own or make edits to a draft they brought with them.

“The workshop made me feel more educated and comfortable with the application process,” said Tejas Kakunje. “The people were funny, and I was able to pay attention. I was glad I went.”

Students who came with their resume had the opportunity to receive professional advice on how to revise and improve it. The engineers also shared their insights into what employers consider when making hiring decisions, as well as their personal stories of creating resumes that got them jobs. They then transitioned into planning for the future and discussed the different paths that can be taken after high school. Ending the workshop with time for open questions, the panel made sure everyone left with knowledge about applying these new skills to be better equipped for future success.