Jr. FLL Expo 2015

Since 2014, the Robostangs have hosted an Official FIRST Robotics Jr.FLL Exposition for teams around the Northville and metro Detroit area. We fabricated this event for the kindergarten through 3rd grade students who participated in our first Jr. FLL program.

We introduced these kids to the robotics program and competition experience that will further their interests in STEM fields. Throughout the Jr. FLL season, students were asked to build a model out of legos that represented an innovation that would help the community recycle and be green.

They were also asked to learn more about the topic by researching a certain piece of trash and where it goes after it is thrown away. This event was attended by 16 teams and over 100 spectators. This expo gave students a chance to showcase their newfound knowledge and gave Robostangs the opportunity to interact with and teach the children of their community.