Manufacturing in America Symposium

In March, the Robostangs traveled to Ford Field to take place in the 2015 Manufacturing in America Symposium event. The Robostangs were there by invitation of their sponsors Siemens and Electro-Matic. The Robostangs were joined by team 4640, Knight Vision, from Windsor Ontario ( This event was a great way to show off what we had been doing over the past few years. A brand new game, Tech Tip-Off, was created so that both teams could show off their 2014 robots. This event featured the robots shooting a ball through the uprights of a field goal to score points.IMG_1401WEB The 2015 Robocamp game was also on display. The game features summer and recycling themed missions. One of these missions is to push garbage bins into a garbage zone using Lego EV3 Robots. This two day event was a great time, and the Robostangs were honored to be invited by our sponsors.