Our Subgroups

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Imagery is a central part of the Robotics team and community. We develop a team brand and standardize how our team looks to the community, other teams, and anyone else who interacts with us. Imagery consists of media, branding, team spirit, website, and social media. Media creates the vlogs and Chairman’s video every year to create a proper image for the team. Branding creates the spirit wear and merchandise every season. Team spirit promotes team pride and team unity. Website maintains robostangs.com and updates it regularly with the team’s progress. Social media manages and updates the team’s social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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The Outreach team of the Robostangs helps the community and spreads the mission of FIRST and STEM. We organize all of the pipeline grams in Northville: FTC, FLL, and Jr. FLL. These programs expose children of all ages to new opportunities, values, and skills. They are able to experience first hand how to program, build, and learn efficiently as a group. In regards to FRC, we help start and continually assist teams around the world, such as our sister team in Australia and a newly formed team in India. In addition, we help out in our community by donating to food collection banks and volunteering at various events. While outreach helps the Robostangs grow as a group, it also allows us to repay the community and thank them for all they have done and given us throughout the years.

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The Finance team of the Robostangs helps to acquire necessary sponsors to fund our organization. The Robostangs contact companies regularly to request, continue, and build our relationship with sponsors. So far, our team has gathered sponsorships from large companies such as GM and AVL. The Robostangs will go to events such as the Manufacturing Symposium of America to talk to businesses and gain support for our team. The finance team also produces financial reports of the team’s spending, and develop strategies and plans for the long-term financial goals.

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The Management portion of the Robostangs deals with ensuring that the team functions smoothly. To achieve this, we do a number of tasks, such as creating hour-to-hour completion lists, filing and organizing invoices, and securing the shipment of parts to Northville High School. Additionally, we reserve locations to conduct many activities; this includes test-driving our machines and running our summer camps and clinics. Finally, the Management team guarantees the comfort of our members by managing travel arrangements for competitions. Hiring transportation, booking a hotel, and purchasing food are just a few of the many things we do.

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This group focuses on the design and construction of the robot for the FIRST competition. This group branches out into the CAD design, drivetrain, and game specifics. The CAD subgroup develops and designs the robot configurations using CAD software. The drivetrain team tests and finds innovative ways to maneuver the robot around the field. Game-specific’s creates, constructs and configures robot systems to manipulate the game pieces and/or field elements.

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🙁 We don't have any info on development yet. We'll add it as soon as we obtain this knowledge

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