Event Descriptions

Northville Outreach events

Event descriptions

  • RoboNight

    RoboNight is the day we welcome all our new members and let them experience firsthand every aspect of our team. From business to build, and from individual roles to the importance of teamwork, there is no limit to the skills we value in this organization. It is imperative to develop a strong connection with our new and returning members to ensure the team runs smoothly. This will facilitate multiple opportunities to ask questions, explore the workshop, and form personal connections.

  • Heritage Festival

    The Heritage Festival is an annual community gathering that celebrates the rich history of the city of Northville. The Robostangs booth traditionally features the previous year’s competition robot that we allow members of the community to drive. We have designed “bristlebots,” “LED Throwies,” and “Emoji Lights” to promote interest in STEM. Children love putting these easy-to-build machines together with the aid of Robostangs team members. They can visit our booth, drive the robot, and leave with a small souvenir to remind them of the great opportunities existing in STEM.

  • Library Events

    The Northville Public Library presented us with an opportunity to display and demonstrate our 2016 robot to visitors, while educating them on FIRST’s impact on our community. Once the visitors arrived, they signed up for our Robostangs mailing list, which we later used to contact them about Robocamp. The children at the library were given time to control the robot, while their parents attended a presentation about our Pipeline Programs. This event gave our team a chance to inform the community of how well FIRST Robotics exposes young children to STEM.


    The Barnes and Noble event was sponsored by the Robostangs to raise awareness of the various programs FIRST offers. While the Robostangs passed out FIRST pamphlets and team buttons, they also provided information to curious parents and children who were in STEM. The young engineers loved completing small challenges by controlling an EV3 robot with a smartphone. Many Northville residents were ecstatic to learn of the programs and opportunities for their children to explore STEM. Others were disappointed when they learned that their community did not offer the same programs, but they were quickly relieved when informed of the annual Robostangs’ Robocamp where all are welcome.