Our Global Initiative


  • Who we helped.

    Over the summer, for the first time in the Robostangs history, they were able to start up and fund a new team. The Robostangs aided in the creation of the team. The team, based in Gurgaon, India shares values with both the Robostangs and FIRST, and seems to have a promising future.

  • HOw we helped

    The Robostangs are leading the way in spreading the ideas and fun of FIRST around the world as they work with the STEM in India Foundation to bring FIRST teams to India. The Robostangs were able to source funding for India for the first time. In addition, we assisted with the official registration process to ensure that teams in India could become real FIRST teams. Team 548 is dedicated to expanding the FIRST programs, not only in Michigan but around the globe. We wanted every country to have a chance to participate in FIRST, so we met with the India Foundation and discussed possibilities for creating new teams. After assisting with the paperwork, the dreams of children in India became a reality as they would finally be able to join a FIRST team of their own.