GM Workshop: Java Programming Basics

Presenting another successful workshop on Tuesday, October 24, the GM Latino Network narrowed their focus and taught Robostangs team members the basics of Java. Going beyond just presenting information, the hands-on workshop allowed students to apply what they learned while exploring Java programming in a collaborative environment. With the main goal of helping beginners become familiar with this program, the workshop also gave experienced students an opportunity to learn more.

Through examples and demonstrations, the GM mentors taught students how to assign and print different variables and how to program statements on Java. Everyone ended up learning something new and the GM volunteers used their knowledge to solve any problems that came up along the way.

The workshop not only taught new students how to navigate Java, but also gave students who were familiar with Java an opportunity to ask questions to deepen their understanding. “Though I am already comfortable with Java, I was able to learn more about sockets by talking to these professionals,” said Joey Patel. “They really cleared up a lot of misconceptions I had.”  

Programming is an important skill for all Robostangs team members to learn, and it was done in an environment where students embraced helping one another to understand the concept. The GM volunteers taught students not only the basics of Java, but also how to work with members from different subgroups of the team to figure out something new.