MARC Offseason 2017

This June, we competed in the offseason Michigan Advanced Robotics Competition MARC, hosted by Monroe High School. We compete in this annual event to test our new drive team and pit members, so that they get hands on training before the actual competitions begin.

The new drive team and pit crew used this as an event to learn to solve complex robot problems in a matter of minutes. It built a strong sense of collaboration that has been an integral part in our team since the beginning. 

Our newer members gained experience on the field and in the pits. They were taught protocol for solving specific robot problems, therefore allowing the pit crew to remain calmer during the real competition when troubles arise.

This year our team was in the 1st alliance with 33, The Killer Bees, and 494, The Martians. In addition, our alliance made it to the finals. Now we are ready for some real competition! Let’s go Robostangs!