2017 FRC Kickoff Event

On January 7th, the moment we’ve all been waiting for finally came, the FRC Kickoff event. Hosted in Novi High School by the Frog Force,  the FRC Kickoff event was filled with tension and festivities leading up to the defining video, the announcement for the 2017 Season game. Arriving into the building, you can feel the energy and excitement and energy as 17 different teams rushed around the high school campus. Slowly, as the start time for the kickoff approached, people started funneling into the auditorium. After two beautiful pieces played by the Novi Jazz Band, a brief introduction by the board of education and principle, and a t-shirt cannon, we were introduced to the game by a quick video. 2 hours later, after a quick brainstorming session, the Robostangs were ready to start the 2017 season.

Learn more about the game at the FRC page.