2015 Robocamp

Every year, the Robostangs run Robocamp for young children in Northville and surrounding communities. An average of 200 kids participate in the event at Northville High School. Over our two sessions of 2 day Robocamp, kids improve their skills in robotics, many going on to join either a Jr. FLL team or FLL team after their experience with us. At each camp there is always a new game unveiled for participants. Past games have included Winter Escape, the challenge that was featured last year.
Robocamps offer old and new Robostangs the opportunity to give back to our community and to develop Robostangs of the future. Robocamp has inspired many kids to continue their work on their robotics teams, and this has made it easier for kids to join the FRC team if they already have experience with the Robotics in general. It is a great experience for kids, parents, and everyone involved.