2015 Livonia District Event

After a successful week one event, on March 26, the Robostangs went to Livonia Churchill High School for another district event. In qualifications the Robostangs had an average score of 116 and were ranked second. They were selected into an alliance with team 67(The HOT Team), and team 4405 (The Atoms Family). The Robostangs went on to the quarterfinals and semifinals, finishing first in both with an average playoff score of 177. In the finals the Robostangs faced an alliance featuring teams 503 (Frog Force), 3641 (The Flying Toasters), and 5756 (R.E.C’in Crew). The finals saw two well played matches, with the Robostangs coming out victorious to become District Champions. The Robostangs also won District Chairman’s Award, sealing their place at the Michigan State Championships in Grand Rapids, MI.