Southfield District Event 2015

In the first district event of the season, the Robostangs travelled to Southfield High School to participate in the FIM District-Southfield Event 2015. This was a great week one event! The Robostangs were in 8th place after qualifications, but were selected by Team 3604, Goon Squad, from Brownstown to be on the red alliance. The alliance also featured Team 2224, RoboPhoenix, from Renaissance High School in Detroit.

16498609680_b09d439436_oThe Robostangs’ alliance took first place in the quarterfinals and semifinals to move onto the finals. They were facing the blue alliance featuring teams 1024, 33, and 4768. The Robostangs competed in two close matches, each being decided by less than ten points, but in the end the blue alliance took district champions, with the red alliance being district finalists. The Robostangs also were honored to win the Quality award sponsored by Motorola.